The FCC Announces Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) for Wireless Emergency Alerts

November 14, 2016

On September 29, 2016, the FCC released a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) to invite public comment on ways to improve Wireless Emergency Alerts, such as:

  • How to achieve the inclusion of thumbnail-sized photos and symbols in Public Safety Messages;
  • Whether to incorporate future technical advancements to improve WEA, such as multimedia and multilingual alert content, including American Sign Language (ASL); and
  • How to improve consumer choices and education about WEA. 

Comments may be filed by accessing the Electronic Comment Filing System at and inserting the following docket numbers:   PS Docket No. 15-91 and PS Docket No. 15-94.    

For more information, contact:  James Wiley, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, at, or (202) 418-1678.  For those using videophones and fluent in American Sign Language, you may call the ASL Consumer Support Line at (844) 432-2275.  Comments are due by December 8, 2016 and Reply Comments are due by  January 9, 2017.


For more information on Wireless Emergency Alerts, visit

Federal Register publication:

WEA Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: