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Ensuring civil rights protections for persons with disabilities

Welcome to the website for the State of Georgia ADA Coordinator's Office.
The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, provides comprehensive civil rights
protections to individuals with disabilities in the areas of employment, public
accommodations, state and local government services and telecommunications.
Please visit www.howsmyservice.gsfic.ga.gov and tell us how we're doing.

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May Ready Georgia Observances/Anniversaries

Older Americans Month
Family Wellness Month
4-10: National Pet Week
8: World Red Cross Day
11: Tornadoes (11) hit Bibb, Laurens, Johnson, Fulton, Clayton, Carroll, Gwinnett (2008)
27: Heat Awareness Day
24-30: Hurricane Preparedness Week
     25: Basics
     26: Storn Surge
     27: Winds
     28: Inland Flooding
     29: Forecast Process
     30: Get a Plan!
     31: Take Action

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