Facility Access Program Details

The Facility Access Program includes:

Accessibility audits of state facilities to determine the level of access, access deficiencies and possible corrective action to comply with the ADA regulations and applicable federal and state local building codes;

Assistance to State agencies in preparing upcoming budget requests for ADA facility improvements; and

Allocation of designated ADA funding to State agencies for ADA facility improvements to existing state facilities.

The Office works with state agencies to develop budget requests and undertake ADA-related construction projects. These projects concern accessible entrances, primary function areas, restroom alterations, site modifications, automatic doors, curb cuts, ramps, pathway renovation, door modification, and other accessibility elements and features to meet the letter and spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

After careful consideration and technical review, the office determines which specific projects are necessary and fundable under internal developed criteria. In making this determination, the technical assistance team and the State ADA Coordinator determine whether or not “nonstructural” solutions (i.e., relocating programs to another location, bringing the program to the individual, providing adaptive equipment, and providing additional staff, etc.) provide the appropriate level of “program access” for individuals with disabilities.

New State Facility Construction

The GSFIC Design Review Group conducts plan reviews for proposed new construction of state facilities to ensure compliance with the Georgia Accessibility Code. Copies of the Georgia Accessibility Code and related material are available upon request by contacting the State ADA Coordinator's Office at 404-657-7313 or by e-mail [email protected].