Technical Assistance Program Details

What Our Office Does

Our office provides state agencies the technical support and assistance necessary to implement the ADA’s requirements applicable to their public mission; assists state agencies in updating, strengthening and enhancing the scope of self-evaluation and transition plans to ensure compliance with the ADA mandate; and develops simplified (and disability-friendly) methods for people with disabilities to access ADA and other disability-related services and information offered by the State of Georgia.

Ongoing Technical Assistance

Ongoing technical assistance includes the Office’s responses to requests for information via telephone (404-657-7313), facsimile transmission (404-463-5650), e-mail ([email protected]), correspondence, and in-person consultations. Although these requests often require additional research and follow-up communications, they are handled and closed relatively quickly. The ADA team works diligently to respond to each technical assistance request within the same day the request is received.

For other Disability related inquires please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For ADA questions not related to a State of Georgia program, service or activity, please contact the Southeast ADA Center at 1(800) 949-4232 (Voice/TTY) or

AccessGA: Georgia's Accessible ICT Project

Technical Assistance relating to accessible information and communication technology is offered to state agencies through the AccessGA Project. AccessGA is a joint project of the Georgia State ADA Coordinator's Office, the Georgia Institute of Technology's Center for Inclusive Design and Innovation (CIDI) and The Georgia Technology Authority. AccessGA's purpose is to support Georgia state agencies with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility, promoting equal and timely access for employees and customers with a wide range of disabilities.

Technical assistance categories include: Assistive Technology, Caption Videos, digital content accessibility, real time remote captioning, voluntary product accessibility template (VPAT) and web accessibility.

Participating agencies will have access to tools and resources to address their accessibility needs, including a knowledge base wiki, a support request utility for obtaining targeted information, with tracking and reporting features, accessibility evaluations and a network of support for exchanging best practices, feedback and advice. If you are interested in participating in the this initiative, please contact AccessGA at [email protected] .

For more information please visit AccessGA.