Collaborative Partners

The office conducts general and specific collaborative activities with State and Local Governments, Statewide disability communities and the general public to (1) increase the visibility of the ADA and help more citizens understand the letter and the spirit of the law; (2) create awareness of the State ADA Coordinator’s office; (3) collaborate with local ADA support systems; and (4) identify priority ADA-related issues to address by:

  • establishing contacts among various networks/target audiences to strengthen the ADA network to assess outreach needs across the State;
  • developing and implementing disability-friendly tools, including surveys, focus groups, etc. to identify and address ADA-related issues;
  • maintaining a website to provide technical assistance, disseminate information, conduct surveys and provide online training at;
  • participating in regular network member activities;
  • serving on Commissions, Advisory Councils and Boards; and
  • utilizing outreach activities to prioritize State-related ADA issues, as well as develop and implement training and project initiatives to respond to those identified issues.