Assistive Equipment & Technology

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  • Georgia Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (GATEDP)
    The Georgia Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program (GATEDP) is a program enacted by the Georgia Legislature that provides, subject to eligibility requirements, specialized telecommunications equipment to Georgia residents with physical impairments, such as hearing and speech, that prevent them from using ordinary telephones.

    This program is managed by the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC). The PSC contracts with a distribution agency to administer the program.

    The PSC has selected the Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (GCDHH) as the GATEDP distribution agency.

    For detailed information concerning the GATEDP please contact GCDHH through their web site at or by telephone to any of the following numbers:

    Main Office: 888.297.9461 (toll free)
    404.381.8447 (main)
    404.297.9465 (fax)
  • Friends of Disabled Adults and Children
    FODAC is a statewide and national provider of home health care equipment—mobility aids and daily living devices for people with disabilities and the newly injured. For more information, please visit: 
  • National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program
    The National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program (NDBEDP), also known as iCanConnect, provides equipment needed to make telecommunications, advanced communications, and the Internet accessible to low-income individuals who have both significant vision loss and significant hearing loss. To learn more about the NDBEDP, visit or call 1-800-825-4595.To contact the NDBEDP program that serves your state, go to
  • Pass It On Center
    The Pass It On Center is creating national and state resources to foster the appropriate reuse of AT so that people with disabilities can get the affordable AT they need in order to live, learn, work and play more independently. For more information please visit:
  • Tools for Life
    Tools for Life increases access to appropriate assistive technology devices and assistive technology services for all Georgians with disabilities so they can live, learn, work, and play independently in communities of their choice. For more information please visit or call 1 (800) 497-8665 (Voice Toll Free), 1 (866) 373-7778 (TDD Toll Free) or (404) 486-6333 (Metro Atlanta TDD).